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Ceramic Tiles

A glossy white ceramic tile which has been treated with a special coating specifically for the sublimation process that we use to permanently transfer my original design to the tile. Please note: The watermark seen on the product photos will NOT appear on the product you receive. Thank you!
Bird: Dove "Even Youth" (Is.40:30) Tile
Bird: Dove Bird: Dove

Bird: Dove "Even Youth" (Is.40:30) Tile

The Bird: Dove "Even Youth" (Is.40:30) tile is made from the original design painted by Pam Coxwell using Scripture verses from Isaiah 40:30-31.

The design is sublimated onto the surface of a glossy white tile and can withstand temperatures up to 400ºF. Because of this process the design is permanently dyed onto the tile. However, the surface of the tile can be scratched, and abrasive objects and cleaners should be avoided. We have added a metal hanger and cushion pads to the back of every tile so they are fit for use as wall hangings or trivets. If used as a trivet, the tile should be hand-washed with a mild dishwashing liquid.

All designs- copyright pam coxwell designs
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