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Pam Coxwell - Saturday, March 25, 2017
For the latest updates, events, new art and products and even discount codes please

We are not using the blog much these days. (Last post was over a year ago now!) But we are still sharing updates and stories behind the art and more through email and Facebook so we hope you will join us there! 

Happy First of March!

Pam Coxwell - Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Missing Craft Show SALE
At this time for 17 plus years, we have been loading up and heading to Birmingham, AL for Cottontails Craft Show. 17 years is a LONG time!  Our kids have grown up in that time along with many of yours.  Well, this will be the first time in all those years we've missed the show.  We had to make a decision before the actual surgery not really knowing how it would go.  We prayed and   just didn't feel it was a good idea to go this time with the show date so close to my shoulder surgery.  We will miss the sales from that show, but more than that we will REALLY miss the faces we've been seeing faithfully for so many years....some have been shopping with us since the very beginning. Hearing their stories & prayer requests and receiving their encouragement means so much to me and my family!  Those folks get burned on our heart and feel like family...even if we don't know their name.  So if you are one of those....we really do love and appreciate you!!

We would love to invite you to shop with us in our online shop though.  We are offering a "We Miss You!" sale this weekend at Use the discount code: SeekHim in the shopping cart to receive 30% off your purchases of $20 or more.  This will run through March 7th.  It's open to everyone, even if you don't normally shop with us at Cottontails.

Adding a New Member to the From the Heart Family: Esther
 We've been working through growing pains for months now.   It's a good thing... but even good things can be uncomfortable!   We are stepping over each other and over stuff. The Shipping Dept has gradually been taking over the majority of the studio, to the point I'm running out of work space for painting. It's been a long season of seeking!  We've been prayerfully seeking solutions while going through the Fall Craft Show Season, the Christmas Season, & the Shoulder Surgery.  We had several "almost solutions" that just didn't work out. It was very disappointing and discouraging.   It was when we started the "Shoulder Healing Season" that things finally started falling in place.  

We will soon be moving our shipping and production to a very cute house, which will free up my studio for me to actually....PAINT!   Because of the location and layout of this house we will be able to open up one of the rooms as a From the Heart Showroom!  It's been a while since we've had a retail location.  It's exciting!   There are a couple of steps we have to complete to be "official".  Once we have that last signature of approval we will announce the location.  

It was on my heart to name the house:  Esther - "for such a time as this".   Esther was my Memaw's name, so that makes it special.  But it also has a special meaning because I believe the Lord allowed us to get very uncomfortable in order to help us make the step of faith to do this.  I'm a home body.  I really like to be at home painting.  But it has been burned on my heart that He has a specific purpose for us to be in this location..."for such a time as this" and has an extension of ministry for us there.  So please pray for us as we take this step!  It is coming at a time that I feel at my weakest physically and mentally.  Shoulder surgery just a few weeks ago plus physical therapy several times a week and the lingering after effects of anesthesia..... well, it's all working together causing me to be even more dependent on the Lord!  I've not even been able to help with this process very much at all other than giving nods of approval along the way.  Again, discomfort can be good and serve a purpose.

We will announce our location soon!    

Blessings to you my friend in whatever your current season.... Pam

New Mercies Encouragement and Promo Code for Prints

Pam Coxwell - Saturday, January 16, 2016
Gloom of winter or your current season of life.... hold on....a new morning brings new mercies.
to help brighten the weekend we have a discount code for our little online shop:
use NewMercies to receive 20% off your print purchases of $20 or more thru Tuesday Jan 19th.

A New Year brings New Things. Want to come create with me?

Pam Coxwell - Saturday, January 24, 2015
How is 2015 going for you?


I accepted the 30 paintings 30 day Challenge!  
This is my first's also my ONLY one so far! Good intentions??     

I started the new year off with this as my companion.  The 1st weekend in December while loading and unloading for our last craft show, I got ran over by a loaded down handtrucks.  ouch! 
It has slowed me down quite a bit... a LOT!
 We've had to cancel going to Savannah for the Springtime Made in the South Show.  I'm going to miss those sweet folks this Spring!  But I need to give this foot a chance to heal so I can have surgery to repair my ankle.  Body maintenance is important...but hard to do!
I started this book in 2015.  I LOVE it! I love the cover.  Anything with birds, nests, eggs makes my heart excited, but the words inside, oh, they are fabulous!   If you haven't read it I really encourage you to give a try.  My heart was so ready to receive these precious reminders.... having a grateful heart opens the floodgates for JOY.  His gifts are everywhere.  All around.  Give us eyes to recognize them Lord so that we can openly receive all you have for us!

AND ONE LAST Photo from my life....
Have you ever experienced those SnowBall Projects???
you know, cleaning the carpets only to realize how badly stained the furniture is? 
or how dinged up the walls are? and that innocent carpet cleaning project turns into re-painting the walls?

Well,  taking down walls works the same way!  My precious husband began this little kitchen renovation project last May.  Oh my.... lots of things have been exposed in the process!  (including my impatient attitude)  Rotten floors brought "our plan" to a quick halt.  Recalculate. Refigure. Re-plan.  I'm so thankful that he is such a patient man.  He believes in doing things the right way!   It has tested me but taught me some valuable life lessons.   When ugly things are exposed, if I stop and allow God to redirect my focus off of the shock of the ugly, He will reveal a new way of doing things.  My despair can be directed to hope and expectation of better things to come.  He can expose the broken, ugly, disfunctional in our lives in order to clean it out and rebuild it the proper way.  The ugly being exposed can lead to something so much better than we would have every attempted on our own.  I will be sure to post pictures of the fabulous "new" soon as it is finished!

Want come create with me????

When my husband built this studio for me it was a dream to open it up one day to do some workshops.  Well, we are finally working in that direction.  We are in the planning stages now.

So, would you like to come over and create with me?

I'm thinking of things like 

a Painted Pot Workshop



thats just a few of the ideas swirling around right now!

What do you think??

If you are interested let me know!  I'm building a list of people who are interested.  You will be the first to receive details of dates, times and prices.  I will give discounts to the first students to sign up.  I'm really excited about it!  When the Lord puts a seed in your heart of something He is calling you to do, sometimes it takes a while for things to fall in place or line up to be able to answer that call.  I think its another example of how "rotten floors can lead to better things".....  Wearing this anchor around my leg is very similar :)  Expecting great things to come from it! 
Be sure to send me an email if you are interested in knowing more or if you have special requests of what you would like to learn how to do.

A little Sale is going on in Online Gift Shop

Ya'll I can NOT keep up with APPLE nor to I WANT to! They come out with new phones faster than I can keep up.   That being said.  I would LOVE to sell the rest of the iPhone 4 cases I have in stock.  I have more designs available but haven't been able to get them photographed and sized etc... for the website.  I'm enclosing a group photo below.  If you would like one of these in this group photo let me know.  I have them all 50% off.  
Use discount code: 


If you buy 2, I will send a 3rd one to you for free :)  

One last thing:
USE DISCOUNT CODE:  justbecause to receive 15% off anything else in the online gift shop

Let me know if you have any questions or have trouble checking out in the shopping cart.

Blessings to you my friend!  

Counting His gifts, pam

follow us on instagram: @pamcoxwelldesigns
or Facebook:
and shop with us at:

Christmas Designs

Pam Coxwell - Friday, December 05, 2014

Did you know that each of my Christmas designs has a special story behind them?

Each design has a story AND a special place in my heart.  I spend a good bit of time researching and sketching before drawing the actual design.  The process usually stretches out over several weeks and becomes months of waiting, anticipating and growing the design.  By the time I finally get to put the paint on the paper it often feels like giving birth to a baby!  It is a mixture of relief, joy and love.  
A brief portion of the story is included on the back of each card.  
The cards are blank on the inside ready for you to write your own personal message.  
The HOLY NIGHT design is special to me for many reasons....because of my great love of sheep? Definitely yes,
but especially because of a chance sheep hunting trip that landed me at the home of Poncho the donkey.  Our story is on the back of the HOLY NIGHT card.

Did you know that the familiar favorite, Joy to the World, was not written as a Christmas Hymn proclaiming the birth of Christ?  
It was written proclaiming the hope and anticipation of His soon return!

I am THANKFUL for you. Specials ALL week long.

Pam Coxwell - Monday, November 24, 2014


I am so THANKFUL for you!  
Many of you shop with us at the different arts & craft shows we attend.  I love seeing your faces and hearing your stories.  I love being able to tell you that "I appreciate you shopping with us!"  I thank you for supporting our small business.  I appreciate you supporting American made.

  But many of you are our "online" friends.  I have never met you in person.  I've never had the opportunity to see your face or hear your story.  I want YOU to know that I really do appreciate your support!  I appreciate you shopping with us!  I appreciate you choosing my artwork for your homes and for your gift giving needs.  I appreciate you supporting a small business with American made products!  I appreciate you reading my newsletters, following us on Facebook and Instagram.  

am THANKFUL that God allows me to be a small part in the way He ministers to people through HIS Word!  For over 15 years my heart has been to paint HIS Word on anything and everything...I've gotten a lot of verses painted, but still have so many more to go!  My desire has also been to offer beautiful decorative products for the home that include HIS Word or reminders from HIS Word.  I am humbled and honored that HE continues to allow me to do this!  I thank you for faithfully purchasing my artwork throughout the years and partnering with me in this journey!  Because you purchase from me and use it for yourself or give to others, you are helping me spread HIS Word.  
THANK YOU!  I do appreciate you!

I am offering a lot of DAILY Specials in our Online Shop this week.  Here is how it will work.  
Every day this week I will have a different product on Special.  I will post the list and dates below along with the coupon code you will need to use to purchase that product and receive the 50% off discount.  There is no limit to how many products you purchase using that code during that time period.  It just has to be done during that time period to receive the discount.

Christmas Card Special*
discount code to use: ChristmasCard50
effective dates: Nov 24-26, 2014

Christmas Shirt Special
discount code to use: ChristmasShirt50
effective dates:  Nov 25-29

Christmas Tile Special
discount code to use: ChristmasTile50
effective dates: Nov 26-28

Christmas Ornament Special
discount code to use: ChristmasOrnament50
effective dates: Nov 28-30

Christmas Print Special
discount code to use: ChristmasPrint50
effective dates: Nov29-Dec1

*I have 4 new designs for the 2014 season!!!  Each design is inspired by a Christmas Carol.  I learned so much studying the history behind the carols and hymns.  I really didn't want to stop!  I have written a brief story for the back of each Christmas Card.  I hope you will take a moment to read the stories and I hope it will inspire you to dig around and find the story behind many of your beloved Christmas Carols.  I think you will be blessed!

Please let me know if you have any trouble in the checkout process!  Feel free to share this info with your friends. 

i am praying you have an amazing Thanksgiving week!  I pray that the eyes of our hearts will be open in a new way to the daily things we have to be thankful for and that He allows us to look beyond the temporal to the eternal.
Blessings to you!!!!  Pam Coxwell

Happy 32nd Anniversary

Pam Coxwell - Thursday, September 18, 2014
Our Marriage turned 32 today!  

We are celebrating in the Online Shop with a discount code:  Use "blessed32" in the discount code field when checking out to receive 32% off your purchase!  The offer is good through the end of September.  Enjoy Shopping!

We are also celebrating God's unending Love, Mercy & Grace over our lives during the past 32+ years!  He gets the glory for all the good things in our marriage.  We were very young and had NO idea what we were getting into.... oh my!
We have come a LONG way!  We still struggle to communicate with each other BUT The good news is now...or most of the time....we can giggle and laugh at some of the CRAZY ways we misunderstand each other.  It's ridiculously funny sometimes the misunderstandings we have.  Maybe if the LORD allows us another 32 years we can get it down a little better :)
I'm thankful for the Cross and what it represents in our marriage!   We cling to it!  My Marriage Cross design is a brief summary of what we learned about the cross and how it can affect a normal marriage and make it a Christ centered marriage.  It has been a popular design throughout the past 6 years.  It's not the artwork...its the message in the artwork.  I pray that it will draw all you see it to the foot of the Cross.  It is there that we realize are on equal ground...Man AND desperate need of a Savior. It helps put perspective on our "demands" and rights and opinions.   Dying to self brings life.  It brings patience, love, perseverance and joy.  It shares with our spouse the compassion & mercy that we have freely received.   
 May you experience that in your marriage and in your other relationships!


The Short Story about the LAST SALE of 2013

Pam Coxwell - Wednesday, December 11, 2013
The short story about the LAST SALE of 2013
It's actually a really long story 
since I want this to be 
a really short email 

I will make it short and sweet....

We goofed when counting....

or maybe they were just hiding when we counted 
and then they re-appeared 
AFTER we had already made more....

but however it happened....  

we have discovered that we have so many more than we need 
in hopes of finding them good homes before Christmas
they are 

50% off
LONG SLEEVE Christmas shirts
Cell Phone Covers for iphone 4 & iphone 5


 Use discount code:  LastSale2013
to receive 50% off the price of your LONG sleeve shirt & Cell Phone Covers
(please do not use the code for short sleeve shirts.)

Deadline for Orders
December 16th is the deadline for shipping orders and feeling confident you should receive them by Christmas.  
If it is after this date, please contact me with your location so we can determine if it will reach you in time.
If you are in the Auburn or Opelika area you can contact me to arrange a meeting place to save shipping cost

Thank you so much for visiting our website or our booth at a show or following us on Facebook and for reading our emails.   You are a blessing to us!  
If you haven't tried following us on Facebook, please do.  It is the best way to get the most current updates.  When "liking" our page be sure to choose "get notifications".

I pray you experience the Glory of Jesus this Christmas!  
It is all about Him and displaying the wonder and majesty of who He is!
May the blessing of His peace be with you and may it reach down to the deepest parts of your mind and heart.

His daughter,

I turned 50 this week

Pam Coxwell - Saturday, October 19, 2013

They would probably say
it seems like only yesterday....
              Baby Pam with Daddy

             Baby Pam with Mama

October 15th was a big day for me.  
I turned 50.  
A dreaded age for many.  A milestone for me.  
I think I was actually a little excited about it.
I'm not sure what I expected, but the day came and went.  
I worked at the craft show all day, then quickly took down our booth, then packed it, then loaded it into the trailer and then headed out for a 6 hour drive home.   I was 49 when I arrived in Gatlinburg and left as a 50 year old.

Just a regular day... but still an important milestone. 
Ten years ago, on my 40th birthday, something very special happened between me and God.
It was like an unspoken agreement was made.  I would be thankful for life.  I would personally celebrate my birthday as an act of opportunity to actually thank Him for breathing life into me.  I decided I would change my focus and wouldn't focus on who remembered or who didn't remember, but instead I would use my birthday as an intimate time between the two of us.  It was such a great spiritual milestone for me to change the way I viewed birthdays, especially my own.
So now, ten years later it seems He is taking me to a new level in many areas of my life including my birthday.  The forties were jammed packed with change, pain, pressure, stress, disappointments & betrayals, unexplainable peace, answered prayers, undeserved grace and mercy. 

Now The Big 5 0
A time to reflect.  
A time to remember. 
He gave me life....physically and spiritually 
A time to be thankful.  He chose me...  With a purpose and for a purpose. 
A time to be thankful for ALL of it....
50 years of stuff...some good, some bad and some just plain junk.  
50 years of His healing hand being upon me.  Cleaning and purging.  
50 years of blessings.  
50 years of His faithfulness and care over me.
50 years of His unconditional love accepting me just as I am.
Nothing has been wasted.  Not one thing good or bad slipped past His careful watch.  All things are His servants.  I can breathe.  I can rest in that.
I encourage you to try it. 

He has been writing a story in and through my life.  I pray that for every additional year, month, day, hour, minute, and/or breath that He decides to give me on this journey that many call "life", that I recognize and seize the opportunity for His glory to shine.  I am blessed that He has given me the privilege of using a pencil, a paintbrush, paint and paper to tell the story that He is continually writing in my heart.   Even when I am tired or overwhelmed because I don't know how I'm going to "get it all done" or questioning are we going to make enough money to cover expenses or looking for helpers to handle our craft show booth and even when I'm whining because it is such hard work, I still know what an incredible opportunity I have been given to express my faith and my story through my artwork.   Thank you for being willing to "read" it whether it was through stumbling upon our website or visiting a craft show booth or just being the recipient of my artwork as a gift.  I pray that the work of my hands brings you encouragement and hope and that it brings Him glory!

So to celebrate how about a coupon to use while shopping in our online shop:
Use this code to receive 25% off of your purchase through October 25, 2013
Code: Big50

Craft Shows just around the corner

Christmas Made in the South
Columbus, GA
Iron Works Center
Nov 1 - 3
We will have 3 booths filled with all our regular products plus the Christmas shirts & Christmas products
Christmas Village
Birmingham, AL
Nov 6 -10    
We will have 4 booths with all our regular products plus Christmas!

Christmas Made in the South
Savannah, GA
Convention Center
Nov 22 - 24
*we will have 2 booths with an assortment of products.  If you have a specific item you would like for us to bring please email me so that I can be sure to bring it

Big House Crafty Christmas
old Johnson Gallery Building
Nov 23
*We will have a smaller booth with an assortment of products.  If you have a specific item you would like to purchase, please let us know and we will be sure to bring it.                                    

Christmas Products

 We have a few more products and the Christmas shirts to upload to the website.  I hoped that we could have them in by this week but we came home from the Craft Show not feeling well. Praying for a quick recovery and to get them on the website for you.   If you don't see what you are looking for please let me know.  

Blessings to you!  
Count them...I bet there are more than you can count!

Hello October it is time to Adjust - Adapt - Overcome

Pam Coxwell - Tuesday, October 01, 2013
 I can't believe it is already time to say Hello to October!  
Where did September go?  
Was I even there?
Yes,  I was.
September began with friends in Stone Mountain Park for the Yellow Daisy Festival.  It was so good to see so many familiar faces and meet the many new ones.  We had a great show there.  Blessed indeed!  

My poor ankle might disagree.  It has had a really hard time this summer.  If it could talk it would probably tattle a little.  
I imagine it would tattle a lot!  
I started the summer out busy and then "bang" .  I fell and sprained the poor thing.  
I did baby it for several weeks.  Then I ended the month of June with missing a step and down again.  
Oh boy!  Not good.  
Doctor appointments and physical therapy and ice for the remainder of the summer. (and some amazing mixed media art classes)
By the end of the summer it was much better.  Yay!  
But then I took it to Yellow Daisy... poor thing it's not so good now.  
So, Now we have a new traveling companion for the Fall Shows!
Yes, I'm sure it will be an adventure.  

I don't know about you but each year seems to have a "theme" of some sort.  Like a specific thing that the Lord is working on in me and it seems to show up in every area of my life.  I've been thinking about it lately and wondering what is this year's theme.  The mental picture I have is a rubber band.  
Stretching and stretching to what feels like full capacity or maybe even beyond.  
But sometimes it is
Bending and bending in new and unfamiliar ways.  
and other times just
Sitting and sitting 
limply, waiting and wondering
what's the next move.
I have definitely felt this with our Craft Show Schedule.  
My husband's job has gone through tremendous changes this year. Lots of stress, deadlines and pressure.  He has held up well.   He is strong and steadfast...tired but persevering.  
All this has called for some adjusting & flexibility on my part and especially concerning business.   Over the 15 plus years, he has faithfully taken vacation days for us to travel for craft shows.  (He is definitely the muscle and the left brain of the operation!)  
Well, This year has been a time to pull out the "Adjust - Adapt - Overcome" Attitude:
So, I am very willing to do whatever I can to  make
ADJUSTMENTS to the way we normally do things
ADAPT to those needed changes (of all of them, this has probably been the hardest to do)
so that together
we can

I've posted our updated Fall Schedule on the website.  There are 2 shows that I'm still waiting to know if we will be there.
To keep the confusion down, I'm only posting the confirmed shows.
We will NOT be at the Cotton Pickin' Fair this Fall.  So, Please some see us in Columbus for Christmas Made in the South.

 You can order from the website.  If you are local and want to come by my house to pick something up or meet me somewhere to pick up your order, please send me an email.  Remember, I am in rubber band mode!  I will work with you to get the products to you.   

I will be in Gatlinburg next week for the Craftmen's Fair.  Come see us! Oct 10 -15 at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.   And I will be there on my big 50 birthday on October 15th I will have special prizes for our customers that day!

GLORY is the word He has burned on my heart for this year's Christmas design.  We are working on the finishing touches to it now and getting it ready to go onto shirts, tiles, Christmas cards and an ornament.  Watch for more details.  You can also visit our Facebook page to see sneak peeks at all the new stuff.

He IS the star of the show!

Blessings to you!  May your October be filled with a full harvest of blessings and a greater knowledge of God's great love FOR you and His acceptance OF you!